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Female. Not straight, not a lesbian. Not thin, not fat, feel like a mythical “teh fatz,” trying to overcome this. Not ugly, not beautiful, pretty average. White, economically privileged, currently able, overeducated, underexposed. Unpacking myself, and typing notes about it here.

Music choices: I’m not one of those people for whom Music Is Life. I enjoy music and I’m not picky about it, but I don’t really have any “favorite bands” or “favorite songs”.

Movie choices: Love Actually, In America, Forrest Gump, The Wedding Crashers, Ace Ventura, Austin Powers, Gladiator, and The Lion King

Ice Cream: Cookie Dough

Food: I like almost all foods

Workout: Long and hard ­čśŤ

Hair: In need of a trim

Eyes: Bulgy

Fashion: Wishing it could be more stylish, too bad I’m the stingiest person ever and all my clothes are falling apart

Shoes: all have holes at the moment

Me: Writing this blog, taking a class, going to work, tutoring kids, playing with The Fellow, cooking, waiting for school to start in September



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